• Fountain of Hui
  • Eagle Scope
  • Golden Tiger Claws
  • Ring of the Nine Dragons
  • Sands of Time (Broken in the Past)
  • Emperor Scorpion (Hidden)


Name Signature Wu Element Kind
Carl Camara Blade of the Nebula Air Main
Krishna Rai

Sword of the Storms

Air Right hand
KC Dela Cruz

Sword of Lucida

Air Left hand
Kenneth Lotho Shimo Staff Water Main
Gabriel Pelareja

Orb of Tornami

Water Right hand
Nathaniel Tapoc

Orb of Torpedo

Water Left hand
JP Tesoro Big Bang Meteorang Earth Main
Adriel Dar

Fist of Tebigong

Earth Right hand
Angelica Cano

Fist of the Iron Bear

Earth Left hand
Phil Serato Arrow Sparrow Fire Main
Sean Vargas

Star Hanabi

Fire Right hand
Jennyne Palaroan

Hanabi Star

Fire Left hand


Air peopleEdit

Name Signature Wu
Janine Duay Moonstone Locust
Lance Milan Mantis Filp Coin
Chastine Ugmares Wings of Tinabi
Lourdes Batomalaque Eye of Dashi
Joy Laron Monsoon Sandals
Natacha Lim Silk Spitter
Aidon Inducta Jetbootsu
Ashley Sabellano Reversing Mirror
Roma Bello Hoduku Mouse

Water peopleEdit

Name Signature Wu
Anne Fortes Ying Yoyo
Grace Fortes Yang Yoyo
Leachim Jamon Golden Finger
Michael Villanueva Shroud of Shadows
Thea Nicerio Falcon's Eye
Marian Reyes Ruby of Ramses
Kyla Baron Mind Reader Conch
Angel De Guzman Serpent's Tail
Kisseia Basa Monarch Wings

Earth peopleEdit

Name Signature Wu
Bea Vizcarra Denshi Bunny
Marielle Calzado Tangle Web Comb
Dennis Labor Sapphire Dragon
Ariane Alicabo Wushan Geyser
Hanna Loria Mikado Arm
Alex Puno Shadow Slicer
Danmel Hidlas Sweet Baby Among Us
Zeta Sarabia Mosaic Scale
Andrae Soriano  Crystal Glasses

Fire peopleEdit

Name Signature Wu
Kat Tajonera Thorn of Thunderbolt
Yamani De Leon Third Arm Sash
Junel Dimara Shadow of Fear
JM Tayag Changing Chopsticks
Pearl De Guzman Kazusu Atom
Erica Pamatian Ju-ju Flytrap
Princess Jordan Fancy Feet
Kyla Cabatuan Wu Shu Helmet

Entire TribeEdit

All of the Tribes, Warrior or Guardian, Girl or Boy, Lesbian or Gay. They all have a bit/ part of a certain wu in order to adapt with their abilities

Tribe Wu (Parts of)

Black Beetle

Cat's Eye Draco


Gills of Hamachi

Kaijin Charm


Longi Kite

Crest of the Condor


Tunnel Armadillo

Longhorn Taurus

Main Animal of TribesEdit

Tribe Animal
Fire Dragon
Water Dolphin
Air Eagle
Earth Lion

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