During Book 1: Air, Chapter 4..... the Genie Moo went out of control because of KRISHNA!!!!! And now everyones personality orhobby is swapped with the person that we're nearest to them at the time.

Name Personality or Trait Name Personality or Trait
Adriel Dar Smart Dennis Labo Thinks slowly
Gab Pelareja Follower Kisseia Basa Leader
Aidon Inducta Soldier Princess Jordan Singer
Carl Camara

Pokemon lover/

Loves to sing

KC Dela Cruz

K-pop lover/

Loves to dance

JM Tayag Basketball Player Anne Fortes Architect
Michael Villanueva Loves taking videos Grace Fortes Loves taking pictures
JP Tesoro

Eats too much

Marian Reyes

Eats lightly

Sean Vargas

Stormy Handwriting/

Loves to dance

Chastine Ugmares

Elegant Handwriting/

Loves to sing

Angelica Cano Boyish Nathaniel Tapoc Girlish
Angel De Guzman Quiet Pearl De Guzman Noisy
Thea Nicerio Adult-ish Kenneth Lotho Childish
Joy Laron Laughs at the jokes Krishna Rai Tells the jokes
Yamani De Leon Good at Science Andrae Soriano Good at Math
Lance Milan Playful Lourdes Batomalaque Kind
Janine Duay Harmful Jennyne Palaroan Playful
Bea Vizcarra Quirky Kat Tajonera Quiet
Zeta Sarabia Loves food Erica Pamatian Loves 1D
Ariane Alicabo Good at Dancing Roma Bello Good at Singing
Phil Serato

Anime lover/


Ashley Sabellano

Twilight lover/

Loves to sing

Kyla Cabatuan Singer Leahcim Jamon Dancer
Danmel Hidlas Fun but Friendly Junel Dimara Fun but Dangerous
Natacha Lim Always Laughing Hanna Loria No Laugh (Serious)
Marielle Calzado Flexible Alex Puno Stiff

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